ALO smartphone: the future will have holograms,wil
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ALO smartphone: the future will have holograms,wil


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However, Starck is against the growing culture of screens, where everything is being taken to this type of formats, which according to him are impractical, in addition to leaving very few possibilities to play with design and form factors . The ALO smartphone is a resounding response to all this, since it would be a translucent device with an elongated design designed to fit naturally in the hand. Here there would be no screen or tactile surfaces, all the information would be deployed through holograms either on the same device or projected on some other surface. We could see from videos, messages, read news, and any activity through 3D holographic images. For its operation we would be based exclusively on voice commands, where thanks to a virtual assistant we can access the functions provided by this smartphone,The ALO camera would be one of the most important points, since it would behave like the human eye, places, situations, people, and even texts, in order to act accordingly, besides that it will also serve as a medium Of projection thanks.

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